What is Mobius?

A powerful, self-learning, object recognition software. All you need to do is take a picture with your cell phone of any object to learn more about it. This can be anything including an advertisement, recognizing a face, requesting a movie trailer, learning about a certain flower, or donating to charity, the possibilities are virtually endless.

If you have the Mobius app you can simply snap a picture in the app and receive instant information about the object you are looking at. If you don.t have the app it.s no problem either. Just text or email the picture to us and we will send the same information back in a message.

We do all the heavy computing on the server side so our applications will work on nearly any handset with a camera. We want nearly anyone to be able to use our features. You just need a camera phone and the ability to take a photo. It's really that easy.

We will be adding applications all the time, so check back often. All of the applications will be free, so try as many as you like.

Our goal is to make the whole world Mobi. Identifiable to the point where anyone, child to senior, with a smartphone could point the lens at a plant, food, a product, or a person, anything in the world, and receive definitions and articles to learn and advance in a new way faster than ever before.

Thanks for checking out MobiWorld. We look forward to bringing the next evolution of self-discovery and self-learning to connect the online and offline realms and reshape the way we see the world.